Solitude Women
  • Dedicated to the long hours spent out riding during the warmer days of the year
  • Designed to deliver exceptional levels of breathability
  • Constructed from lightweight fabrics that facilitate moisture dispersal

An homage to the time spent alone on the bike, the Solitude Collection is inspired by the feeling of finding an individual sense of being out on the road. The sense of escaping from social confinements and achieving a state of solitary freedom out in the vast remoteness away from all human activity.

Solitude is not isolation. Where isolation severs our connections to the outside, solitude encourages our connection to ourselves. It is a time of self-discovery.

Solitude provides the ability to gain a new perspective. It frees the mind from distractions and allows you to aim your attention on one thing more fully. Sever your connections from the restrictive ideas of isolation and assume a new definition for your solitude.

Functionally Designed Jersey

Featuring full-mesh side panels and perforated fabric on the collar, arms, and back panel, the highly breathable jersey provides the optimal level of moisture absorption due to its quick-drying properties.

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Solitude Women

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