Balance Morning Session

We all need that extra motivational force during winter to keep us focused and prepared for the upcoming season. To help you build a strong base during the dark hours of the off-season, we have provided you with a workout that you can incorporate into your training to strengthen your balance and core.

There is no excuse. Gather your friends, get moving, and be one motivational force to stay in shape together during the winter to make sure that you once again will be ready to hit the road and conquer those difficult miles.

Warm-Up Section: 3 Rounds

Having adequate flexibility is crucial to performing on a high level in any sport. A good balance and mobility can also help to prevent injuries and increase the range of your motion. The key elements for the exercises during warm-up are therefore focused to improve your balance, by activating your core - and flexibility, by doing stretches for better mobility.

Exercise no. 1:

Cossack squat to one-legged stand

x 10 on each leg

A Cossack Squat is a deep squat on one leg and one-half of a split on the other. The squatting leg is challenged by reaching full flexion at the hip, knee, and ankle, while the hamstrings and adductors in the other leg are put under significant amounts of stretch. Push yourself from cossack squat to one-legged standing. Repeat with 10 reps on each leg.

Exercise no. 2:

Hand walk to plank. Diagonal lift alternate foot/hand

x 10 with alternate lifts

Brace your abs, squeeze your butt, and spread your feet just wider than shoulder-width apart. Without moving your body, lift one arm off the floor and reach diagonally to that side. Hold for a second, then return to your starting position. Repeat on the other side.

Exercise no. 3:

High plank with rotation

x 10 on each side

Start the movement in a high plank position. Rotate yourself into a side plank and reach your arm up to the sky. Hold for a few seconds and rotate back into the high plank position. Repeat the movement to the other side. Make 10 reps on each side.

Circuit Training: 6 rounds

A strong core is essential to being fast and efficient on the bike. By working on a stronger and more stabilized torso, you will also increase the force that you can push into the pedals. The key exercise in the following circuit is the plank - it has a highly specific application to the static cycling position.

Exercise no. 1:

Explosive lunge with switch steps

40 seconds work, 20 seconds break

Lunge forward with your right thigh parallel to the floor. Swinging your arms for balance and momentum, jump up to do an explosive switch back, landing in a lunge with your right foot forward. Make sure to shift leg in the next round.

Exercise no. 2:

Plank to straight plank

40 seconds work, 20 seconds break

Push up onto your right hand, until that arm is straight, followed by the left arm to come into a high plank position. Lower back down to your starting position on your right arm, followed by your left. Keep your spine neutral and your core tight to prevent rocking from side to side.

Exercise no. 3:

Lower body rotation laying on the back

40 seconds work, 20 seconds break

Lie with your back and arms flat on the ground forming a T-shape, with your legs held straight up. Keeping your shoulders on the ground, twist your legs over to one side, keeping them straight.

Exercise no. 4:

Plank split jump back and forth

1 min, no breaks

Begin in a plank position on all fours, with your body in a straight line and your legs and arms shoulder-width apart. Stack your hands under your shoulders. Jump your feet wider and from here jump forward like a frog up towards your hands. Jump back into the plank position and repeat.

Last All Out Effort

Sprint & Plank

To finish the workout off you partner up with a friend. One partner does sprints while the other waits in plank - taking turns in each exercise. Finish the workout on a high and go all out

Go all out! Minimum of 4 rounds.

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