M.I.T.I. - Manifattura Italiana Tessuti Indemagliabili S.p.A.

M.I.T.I. was founded in 1931 by the Polli family, who has been at the helm ever since. M.I.T.I. continues to stand out on the market and is particularly appreciated for their meticulous attention to guaranteeing the highest performing products and service quality. M.I.T.I. is renowned for its elastic fabrics, which can be found in products such as the Mechanism Jersey, Solitude Jersey, and Sleeveless Baselayer, among others. 

Who Made My Fabric?

Name of garment worker - Valentina Drago

Occupation / Job Title - Sales Area Manager

Everyday tasks and responsibilities

I’m the direct link between customers and our R&D, planning, production and QC dept. trying to match everyone’s need in order to propose solutions which are win win for both parties. The job requires to be versatile and flexible, work under pressure, visiting customers, budgeting, make analysis, take care and increase the established business and new customers prospection. 

How long have they been in the company? 6 Years

Do they enjoy the job? What has the job helped them achieve?

I love my job, I started as back office and then, after less than one year, the sales director proposed me to join the sales team and I immediately accepted the new challenge. It has been tough at the beginning, lot of technical things to learn, lot of efforts but it definitely worth it. I’m more confident in myself and in my skills. I’m proud to be part of MITI Team.