Polartec® Fleece Series

Our goal has always been to create cycling apparel that is resilient, durable, and promotes long-lasting comfort when you ride. Our cycling kits are designed to be pushed to their limits as you perform at the peak of your ability. It is only natural that we aspire to create apparel for off-the-bike applications that are held to the same strict standards. On your days off, your clothing should work with you to ensure maximum comfort. Whether you are out on extended outdoor adventures or pursuing a less active recovery day on the couch, we want to make sure you are getting the most of your time off the bike, so you will be ready for your next ride.

Polartec® Fleece Featured Products

The Escapism Collection was designed to deliver functionality, style, and comfort for everyday use in any environment. Some of the key pieces in this collection are from our range of jackets, gilets, and pants that utilize Polartec®’s original synthetic fleece series. First invented over 30 years ago, Polartec® continues to set the industry standard for performance outerwear.

As a lightweight, warm, and highly breathable fabric, fleece possesses distinct characteristics that make it such a popular choice for today’s outdoor thermal apparel. Premium polyester yarns are used for their hydrophobic properties, holding less than 1% of their weight in water, which promotes faster drying times while maintaining their thermal properties. The lofted structures created by Polartec®’s knitting and napping operations create thermal air pockets that retain warmth and allow optimal breathability during extended periods of strenuous exercise.

The synthetic yarns are constructed primarily from post-consumer recycled P.E.T. plastic bottles, making the Polartec® fabric a more sustainable option than most other fleece brands. These recycled synthetic yarns produce a sustainable fleece that results in a more durable fabric with greater resistance to pilling and abrasion that will keep you warm for many years.