Solitude Lookbook

Spring/Summer 2022


Climbing vast stretches of roads, with the occasional rockfall scattering the scarred surface. Shadowed by ancient bristlecone pine. In the White Mountains of California, Solitude will find you. 

Breathing the same air as some of the oldest trees in the world forces you to answer the basic question most of us ask ourselves before we head out the door: why? Often, the answer can be found when cresting a mountain road, your legs expelling that last bit of power that leaves your mind and body with room for reflection. 

Pas Normal Studios Structure Weave 

We have developed a new micro-structured fabric for the Solitude Jersey. Pas Normal Studios Structure Weave elevates the jersey from the skin, reducing cling and enhancing breathability and temperature control. 

The construction of the fabric also enhances the depth of colour in the jerseys - and aids in protecting from UV rays. Finished off with partly bonded seams and laser cut sleeves, the jersey is best suited for long hot days on the bike.

Pas Normal Studios Air Flow

The Solitude Bib Shorts have been completely rebuilt. The bibs are our lightest ever using Pas Normal Studios Air Flow, a revolutionary fabric developed by Pas Normal Studios. 

The fabric is made with an exposed polyester yarn on the inside to promote breathability and perspiration, giving a cooling sensation when riding in high-summer temperatures. The bib shorts are finished with bonded seams in the legs and the same pad used in our Mechanism Collection. Our lightest ever pair of bib shorts.

Ultimate climbing performance

A key part of the collection is the Solitude Mesh Jersey. Cut entirely from the revolutionary Polartec® DELTA™ Cooling Fabric, the jersey is able to help your body’s natural cooling process. 

The innovative fabric delivers advanced control of moisture dispersal, improving breathability even when wet as well as eliminating wind chills after hard efforts. The perfect climber’s jersey. 

Solitude Collection