T.K.O. Lookbook

Spring/Summer 2022

Team PAS

Inspired by the unique world of crit racing and the countless hours spent training and perfecting technique, the Team PAS kit was conceptualized as an inclusive race team for every cyclist.

Home or Away

The T.K.O. Jerseys are inspired by today’s sports team’s home and away jerseys. A third alternative jersey has also been included, which presents an obscure fusion of analogue computer games from the eighties and different abstract textures distorted into a vibrant and powerful look.

Finishing Touches

The team kit look is completed with a coordinated set of accessories, including socks, a cycling cap, and a classic pair of racing gloves.


今年のT.K.O.コレクションは、Team PAS三部作の最終リリースを記念し、サイクリストを架空のレースチームというコンセプトでサイクリストを招待します。このコレクションは、今日のスポーツ チームのホーム、アウェイ、オルタナティブ ジャージにインスパイアされ、路上でも注目を集めるコントラストを提供します。